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FREE Web Hosting for Non-profits

Man you cant get any better than this:

We at Ecotrust just signed up… can’t beat 1/2 terabyte of storage and 5 terabytes of bandwidth… FREE!

This personal blog is hosted there as well under my personal account, but if you are a non-profit interested in playing with Mapserver/PostGIS/GMT/GRASS you can check out my post on installation in this environment to get up and running with web mapping… FOR FREE!!!


UPDATE (12/09/06): For those who are not in the non-profit world but are still interested in Dreamhost for cheap hosting I just created a promo code that gives the FULL $97 discount to you… Nothing to me. Dreamhost works on this crazy “reward” system for getting people to use you as a referal, offering a finders fee to the current customer. I have created this code to apply all of the finders fee to your discount… I get NOTHING. It is ZPULLEYFULL , enjoy!