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New Open Source Based Web Mapping App - Map-Fu

A local group here at Portland State University has just announced a new mapping interface into the mix. Check out the live demos and download the code. Looks to be a great resource! Thanks guys…

 We are delighted to announce a new open source framework for web-mapping, your personal Ninja of web-mapping, ladies and gentlemen, it's:


 Available for download, contribution of code, or reporting of bugs at our not-so-secret location on sourceforge:

 It features a true object-oriented PHP-Mapscript backend, with a variety
f classes and interfaces, ease of extensibility, and other
onfiguration zoink-zoink.

 On the front end is a fat Javascript client, using XMLHttpRequest to communicate with the server for updating the map and map-related data. It employs JSON for messaging and goes for a Web 2.0 feel. Some features on the front-end include pop-up tabs for reference map, legend, map information and query results. We try to maximize screen area for the map, since that's what we are interested in visually!

 Based on Minnesota Mapserver (of course) and PostGIS, we developed this interface to satisfy actual needs of clients for creating web-mapping applications that served SPECIFIC needs and required SPECIFIC tools.

 Some production sites that are using the Map-Fu or related codebase (formerly known as YAMI (Yet Another Map Interface)): - A database of glacier change in the Western US, including a linked assets database of aerial and oblique photos from the last century - The most up-to-date geology compilation for Oregon, soon to be used for other states! - Oregon Sustainable
ommunities Digital Library, a temporal database of regional planning for the Portland Metro area (ten years of regional planning data, plus links to documents tied to spatial objects)

 We look forward to collaborating with a larger group of developers, and receiving feedback on our efforts! We're interested in incorporating the OpenLayers interface, and "through the web" feature editing via WFS-T.

 In the current vacuum of viable enterprise GIS solutions, we see this as a ripe time for rapid development!

 The Map-Fu development team,
Morgan, Cris, Tim, Percy & Will
Portland State University