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RefMap - WebKit in PyQt

So one of the ideas I have been pondering is how WebKit integration into QT (and PyQt) could be leveraged inside of my favorite open source desktop GIS, QGIS. I decided to make a very alpha plugin to show some of the cool possibilities, but I am still looking for a final direction to take the plugin. As always my plugins for QGIS can be found here.

The general idea is to integrate many of the web based mapping API’s that exist into QGIS via a WebKit interface and try to link the QGIS map canvas to actions in those web pages.

Here is a quick video of the initial version of RefMap in action. There are still kinks to be worked out and more providers to add, but it is a good attempt at linking in bi-directional communication between a web page in WebKit and python in PyQt.

RefMap Plugin at work