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Well, it was a great week in Victoria BC for this years FOSS4G conference! Besides the great chance to hang out with the OS GIS community, it was a great chance to take a look at what is hot in our field. Keep checking back to the FOSS4G web site as many of the presentations as well as video from the plenaries are being uploaded.

My talk on the use of PyQGIS (Python bindings to QGIS) for development of some stand alone desktop tools went well. My powerpoints are here (6 meg). I even have a couple of snapshots of giving the talk (thanks to Gary Sherman).

Gary Sherman gave a great workshop on Monday. He has posted the slides and ISO image of the live CD on the QGIS blog. Here are a couple images that show Gary laying it out and some of the students soaking it in. I also had a voice recorder and have made streaming mp3’s of the session available at the following links:

Clip #1 (streaming or mp3)

Clip #2 (streaming or mp3)

Clip #3 (streaming or mp3)

Clip #4 (streaming or mp3)

Clip #5 (streaming or mp3)

Clip #6 (streaming or mp3)

We also had a great QGIS BOF session which was well attended by a diverse group of developers, users, and interested newbies. All in all I think QGIS had a great showing at FOSS4G and am looking forward to pushing many of the ideas talked about there forward.