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OK, I have servers at work that I use daily to develop Mapserver/GDAL/OGR/GRASS/GMT/etc… based apps, but how about on a shared hosting environment?

Well, I finally got it going. I have written up my install instructions for Mapserver/GDAL/OGR/Proj/Postgres/Postgis/Geos/GMT/GRASS on Dreamhost, a debian based shared hosting service. The great thing about it…

1) It cost $9.95/month (1 year contract) *12 = $119.40

2) You can use a discount code to get $97 off… Total cost at sign-up = $119.40-$97 = $22.40

UPDATE (12/09/06): I just created a propmo code that gives the FULL discount to you… Nothing to me.  It is ZPULLEYFULL , enjoy!

3) Add a domain for $9.95 and the first year of this site cost $32.35 … WOW

With this package I get 200 Gigs of space (grows weekely!) and 1 Terabyte of bandwidth/month (grows weekly!).

So what good is it if I cant do some mapping work with it? Well, I have posted notes how I was able to get a fully functional Mapserver/PostGIS environment up. I went as far as to get command line GRASS installed to do geo-processing sans the GUI. GMT installed like a breeze, and bammmm… a GIS work environment.

Cant beat the rent ;-)

Check out some demo’s running on the server:

1) ka-map

2) GMT

pretzel:~/usr/local/src/gmt/GMT4.1.2/examples> ./do_examples.csh Doing example 01…done Doing example 02…done Doing example 03…done Doing example 04…done Doing example 05…done Doing example 06…done Doing example 07…done Doing example 08…done Doing example 09…done Doing example 10…done Doing example 11…done Doing example 12…done Doing example 13…done Doing example 14…done Doing example 15…done Doing example 16…done Doing example 17…done Doing example 18…done Doing example 19…done Doing example 20…done Doing example 21…done Doing example 22…done Doing example 23…done Doing example 24…done Doing example 25…done Completed all examples pretzel:~/usr/local/src/gmt/GMT4.1.2/examples>

Check out the Output Images



GRASS 6.1.cvs > input=world-topo-bathy-97_32_84_24.tif output=bmng_grass location=blue_marble A datum name wgs84 (WGS_1984) was specified without transformation parameters. Note that the GRASS default for wgs84 is towgs84=0.000,0.000,0.000. 100% CREATING SUPPORT FILES FOR SETTING GREY COLOR TABLE FOR (8bit, full range) 100% CREATING SUPPORT FILES FOR SETTING GREY COLOR TABLE FOR (8bit, full range) 100% CREATING SUPPORT FILES FOR SETTING GREY COLOR TABLE FOR (8bit, full range) complete. Mapset in Location GRASS 6.1.cvs>


`Welcome to GRASS 6.1.cvs (2006) GRASS homepage: This version running thru: TC Shell (/usr/bin/tcsh) Help is available with the command: g.manual -i See the licence terms with: g.version -c Start the graphical user interface with: gis.m & When ready to quit enter: exit

Mapset in Location GRASS 6.1.cvs > g.list type=rast

raster files available in mapset PERMANENT:`

---------------------------------------------- Mapset in Location GRASS 6.1.cvs>

Thats it for now… Up and running!!!!!!